Falk Butter

Quantitative Interactomics to characterize lncRNPs in vitro and in vivo

Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

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2nd. Financiation

The function of lncRNA is currently incompletely understood in any system, including neurons. We here propose to use our developed quantitative RNA-centered interactomics to map protein binders to diverse neuronal lncRNA within this Priority Program. Additionally, we aim to further develop this to a sensitive in vivo technique that will allow purification of lncRNP from neuronal cells to enhance the characterization of lncRNA functionality. This approach is extendable to other RNA species such as miRNA.

Last Publications

Winzi M., Casas-Vila N., Paszkowski-Rogacz M., Ding L., Noack S., Theis M., Butter F. and Buchholz F. The long noncoding RNA lncR492 inhibits neural differentiation in ESC by activation of Wnt signaling. PLOS One (2018) 13, e0191682.

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Hornburg D., Drepper C., Butter F., Meissner F., Sendtner M., Mann M. Deep proteomic evaluation of primary and cell line motoneuron disease models delineates major differences in neuronal characteristics. Mol. Cell. Proteomics (2014) 13, 3410-3420.

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